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Welcome to Bath and Body Naturals!
Great Product: Body Powder - Deodorant
All Natural - Plant Based - Talc Free - Aluminum Free - **Applications** For moisture control as a body powder and/or a deodorant either alone or assist your daily deodorant application. Silky Feel, Long Lasting, Absorbent, Not Messy. Can be used by Men - Women - Babies! Great Price: $4.55 / 6oz shaker bottle

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Product Categories
Body Powder and/or Deodorant 6oz
BULK Unscented Powder Sold By OUNCES Please pick matching price per ounce to pounds brackets that are displayed.
Shampoo 8oz
Shower Gel / Body Wash 8oz
Lotion (Hand & Body) 8 oz
Headache Relief Roll-On Stick - .5oz
Perfume - .5 oz Roll-On
Luxury Body Sprays - 2 oz
Bath & Body Oil
Bath Salts
Relief Sprays - 2 oz
Room Sprays - 2 oz
Deodorant Bars
Exfoilating Bars
Luxury Bars
Moisture Bars with Shea Butter & Goats Milk
Unscented BASE ONLY Exfoliating Bars
Unscented Exfoliating / Moisture Bars
Bug Repellent